A Week of Home-comforts in Perth

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After two & half months in Asia, we flew to Australia. Landing in Perth, very late at night we were met by our very own driver who was there to pick us up & chauffeur us back to our base for the next week. We didn’t realise the driver was for us, first walking straight past him with me just thinking ‘Cool, some other Mr Wilson is getting picked up. Lucky bugger’!

We stayed with an Uncle & Aunty of mine, or technically a great Uncle & Aunty, but family all the same. Arriving at their home just outside Perth in the wee hours, we were given a very warm welcome with plenty of sandwiches, sausage rolls, cake and beer. We knew straight away we were going to have a good week.

A brief lie in and we woke on the first day, not knowing what to expect outside, it was pitch black when we arrived so we could have been anywhere; downtown, outback or on the moon. It turned out we were very rural, it was beautiful and extremely hot. There was a very welcome pattern to the week in Perth, a good solid breakfast inc. fry-ups & fresh pancakes and a very hearty evening meal, inc. seconds, sometimes thirds for me. My personal highlight was the steak the size of a plate which we were assured was running around a field the previous week, oh and homemade rice pudding, the Sunday lunch and fresh rock buns. Thanks Aunty Pat!

We didn’t do too many trips, or much from the Lonely Planet guide; the week was spent relaxing. However, there were still plenty of highlights from week including:

  • A day trip to Perth city with our very own tour guide (thanks again Uncle Colin), a boat across the river and in true Wilson tradition, stops at plenty of pubs.
  • The Perth Mint, which was a really interesting couple of hours seeing all about gold being found & melted etc… It was something we might not have done had we been on our own, but we’re glad we did and would recommend it to anybody going to Perth.
  • Several gorgeous beaches. Even the specific dog beaches are really cool and much cleaner than the beaches near us.
  • Saw plenty of wildlife. Although we didn’t see any snakes or spiders, we did manage to see a real life ‘Roo skipping down the side of the highway. It was huge and moved pretty quick. Too quick infact to get a snap. There was a seal splashing around in the waves at the beach. Oh and there was also a multitude of wild and domestic animals living with us in & around the house.
  • We even had an early morning walk around the horse treks behind the house and walked for miles with the dogs. We only managed this walk once, getting up at 6am is quite a task for us at the moment.

We also spent the Sunday at my cousins, walking the dogs, being shown the sites around Perth & Freemantle and having our own little Sunday Session in the back garden. Plenty of beer & wine was drunk, a good catch up and all in all a very good day. Jemma had plenty of fun taking photos of the sun setting through the trees in the garden. With some success there’s some really nice photos but as the wine went down, as did the quality of the photographs.

On The Beach With The Dogs Near Freemantle

After being spoilt for a week, it was time to move on. We were given everything we could possibly want for the week and felt guilty for only been able to help out a little in the garden in exchange; pulling up weeds, chopping tress down and mowing the lawn.

Perth and the surrounding area is great, and although we’re only 3 or 4 stops in to our Australia stretch of the trip, it’s certainly set a high standard which we’re yet to match. It’s my kind of city. Small yet plenty to see & do. Also, one thing we quickly learnt about Oz is the sheer size of the place; a quick internal flight, only 4 & half hours or so, and we would land in Cairns for stop 2.

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