Goon Parties and Surf in Noosa

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After our time in Airlie Beach it was time to move on down the East coast of Australia down to Noosa. Here, we would stay for almost a week enjoying the fine weather, the fine beaches and the very finest boxed grape.

Well, we were hoping for fine weather. Day one, when we arrived it was wet to say the least. It was getting late though so we just did the weekly shop, enjoyed our $1 welcome meal and drank some goon. Day two, it rained. We stayed in our room all day, ate and drank some goon. That is until we were supplied with bin bags for the bin bag party.

Using our creative genius and limited supplies for costume making, Jemma managed to rustle up a Mrs Blobby outfit while I went as 90s wrestling legend, the Ultimate Warrior. As we were also celebrating the birth of baby Leyla, Jemma’s new niece, we just had to go out in style! Congratulations to Cara, Geoff & Tyler! We certainly cant wait to meet Leyla when we get home in August.

So, with the promise of a good night & some better prizes we went out, drank plenty and returned disappointed. For all our efforts, and being the only ones who did make an effort, there were no prizes in the end. Rubbish.

The third day brought with it new room mates, a change in weather and a trip to the beach. The beach in Noosa was our first which didn’t require a stinger suit and was safe to swim in. Result. Also on this day, the waves & current was big and strong so we had plenty of good fun trying to fight our way through the waves. Even Jemma joined in, her worry for all things scary in the sea gone, if just for those couple of hours. She even tried her hand at body boarding fair play.

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park

Third night, more goon. Fourth day, a walk around the national park and some more beaches and after a couple hours walking, we stumbled upon a long, gorgeous, quiet beach with very few people on it.

However! Little did we know at the time, but quite quickly realised, the only people that were on there seemed to have forgot something. Their clothes! Ah well we thought, when in Rome & all that. We finished our sandwiches and joined in with the free living etc… only for a couple of minutes like, until the embarrassment quickly took hold. I guess it’s something else ticked off the list at least.

Plenty of Goon!

Fourth night, no goon. Up early next day as the fifth day was spent at Australia Zoo which we’ve already posted about, but again for the record, it was an absolutely fantastic day out. That night, we had another goon party in the room before heading out to the local night cub which to be honest wasn’t really all that good.

Goon Parties & Sing-a-long

Certainly not good enough to warrant the minor domestic on the walk home. Goon, it can make even the happiest of campers fall out over something which we can’t remember. Ah, well. All good now.

Sixth and final day was spent on the beach. Unfortunately, the surf wasn’t as good today, so we made good of the situation and topped up our tans. Final night was spent doing nothing and staying off the goon. We had a bus the next day, a long bus, down to Brisbane. Where, we’ve spent the past week and have been joined by a new recruit. More to follow.

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