Three Nights in Washington DC

The main attraction to Washington for most visitors are the memorials & parliamentary buildings. If that’s what your looking for then this is the place to be! We spent the whole of our first day trying to see them all.

The Windy City, Chicago

Still hungover from our night out in Vancouver we landed in Chicago and managed to find our hostel in Greek town, John’s face immediately lighting up at the sight of all the kebab shops around. Surprise surprise we were too early to check in so once again we dumped our bags and wondered into the…

San Francisco, So Much To See & Do

After our few days experiencing the lights and madness of Vegas it was time to hit the hilly city of San Francisco. Unable to check in we quickly dumped our bags at our hostel and headed out to explore.

Walking in Memphis

It was finally time to visit the home of the blues and the birthplace of Rock n Roll! Memphis, Tennessee. Also home to that singer you may have heard of, they call him the King. For 3 nights we partied with the best of them!

Las Vegas, Part One

After an eventful bus journey with Greyhound we finally arrived in the magical world of Las Vegas. Some of the hotels on the strip are quite reasonably priced so we treated ourselves and stayed at the very top of the strip in the Stratosphere.

8 Nights in Fiji; A Tropical Paradise

After our time in chilly New Zealand, it was time to ditch the thermals & hop on a short flight over to Fiji for some more tropical weather. We were immediately hit by the heat when we landed, I love that feeling!

Melbourne and the Contiki Reunion

After our last Greyhound trip in Australia and Steph’s last overnight bus, we arrived in the not so sunny Melbourne. The lovely Rien came to pick us up, another good friend from our Contiki tour around America in 2008. It’s strange thinking back when we all said our good byes thinking we would never see…

Catching Up With Old Friends in Sydney

Arriving in Sydney, we very excited to meet an old friend, Russell. Me and Steph met Russell on a Contiki tour in 2008 and most of the tour has stayed in touch even though were a world apart, the tour had a big impact on our lives and the friends we made are very important…

Rainforest Meets City In Singapore

Our first impressions of Singapore was that we are no longer in South East Asia, obviously we were, but this city is much more advanced than any other city in South East Asia. It has it all, from sky scrapers to pubs by the river to Amusement parks to clean sandy beaches. The airport is…

Trekking in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The decision as to whether or not to venture into the jungle was a hard one to make; not that we didn’t want to go, but my fitness is not the best and the thought of walking for hours up hill in the tropical heat was very daunting. After doing a few short walks in…