First Time Travellers: Pick a Destination

Travel plans can often become delayed because we don’t have the funds. Other potential travellers have personal obstacles thrown in their way. However, one of the most under-considered factors for not travelling though, is having no clue where to go. There are plenty of things you have to take into consideration when you pick a…

Better Late Than Never; Finishing Up In New York

Before setting out on our 7 month adventure, there were 2 stops I was looking forward to most, one was a place I’ve always wanted to go and knew I’d love as soon as we got there. That was New York. The other was Tokyo, which was brilliant too.

Welcome Back To Las Vegas, Nevada

Well. After a calamity of a journey which will go down in the history of our trip as the worst bus journey EVER, we eventually made it to Las Vegas, almost 13 hours late for part two of our Las Vegas experience.

In Dallas, Real Cowboy Country

After a somewhat monumental 35 hour bus journey from Vegas (it should have been 30), we finally made it to Dallas, and having not made any real plans we would leave quite surprised.

The End Of Our 4 Week JUCY Camper Van Adventure

Arriving in Auckland for our final few days in New Zealand, we had plenty planned for us by our hosts plus a day or so to get sorted before we moved on again to Fiji. It was also where we’d part company with out JUCY camper van.

A Week In A JUCY Camper Van by The Seaside

Our third week plus a few days has been spent within a stones throw of the sea. The weather starting out all stormy but coming good, very good at times, as TwoFromWales and JUCY Lucy made our way up the Coromandel, through Auckland, around Ninety Mile Beach, Cape Reinga & the Bay of Islands and…