Las Vegas, Part One

After an eventful bus journey with Greyhound we finally arrived in the magical world of Las Vegas. Some of the hotels on the strip are quite reasonably priced so we treated ourselves and stayed at the very top of the strip in the Stratosphere.

8 Nights in Fiji; A Tropical Paradise

After our time in chilly New Zealand, it was time to ditch the thermals & hop on a short flight over to Fiji for some more tropical weather. We were immediately hit by the heat when we landed, I love that feeling!

The End Of Our 4 Week JUCY Camper Van Adventure

Arriving in Auckland for our final few days in New Zealand, we had plenty planned for us by our hosts plus a day or so to get sorted before we moved on again to Fiji. It was also where we’d part company with out JUCY camper van.

A Week In A JUCY Camper Van by The Seaside

Our third week plus a few days has been spent within a stones throw of the sea. The weather starting out all stormy but coming good, very good at times, as TwoFromWales and JUCY Lucy made our way up the Coromandel, through Auckland, around Ninety Mile Beach, Cape Reinga & the Bay of Islands and…

Week Two of Our JUCY New Zealand Adventure

The second week has been a much more relaxed week here in New Zealand. We’ve driven half as far; only 1,135km since our last post ended, even managing to stay for a couple of nights in the same place a couple of times. Oh, and Jemma fell out of a plane at 12,000ft.

Melbourne and the Contiki Reunion

After our last Greyhound trip in Australia and Steph’s last overnight bus, we arrived in the not so sunny Melbourne. The lovely Rien came to pick us up, another good friend from our Contiki tour around America in 2008. It’s strange thinking back when we all said our good byes thinking we would never see…

Catching Up With Old Friends in Sydney

Arriving in Sydney, we very excited to meet an old friend, Russell. Me and Steph met Russell on a Contiki tour in 2008 and most of the tour has stayed in touch even though were a world apart, the tour had a big impact on our lives and the friends we made are very important…

Three From Wales hit Byron Bay

The honor of our very first very special guest post goes to Steph; Jemma’s bessie from back home who has flown out to join us for the final two weeks of the Australian stretch of our journey.