3 Days of Nothingness & Spiders

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After our time in Koh Tao, we hopped over the water to Ko Samui for a few days of doing absolutely nothing (hence no new photos). We got ourselves a nice little beach hut, less than 25 meters from the sea. We met a pleasant, slightly camp Thai chap who said we could come see them for ourselves, if we didn’t like them we could move on. We saw them, we liked them, we liked the price (£8 a night) and we stayed.

That was for the first night at least. The next day was spent on the beach, topping up our tans and chilling out. After dinner, sat in the bar uploading all the photos to Facebook and there was a total power cut on our part of the island. So left with the prospect of sitting around by candle light in the bar, we went back to our hut to read by head torch. That’s when it all went down hill, rapidly.

First the fan didn’t work, of course that was electric (duh!) so the room was boiling hot. Then the first spider climbed out of the wood work. This wasn’t any normal spider, it was a teenage mutant ninja spider about the size of my hand, if not bigger, running around the walls like a mentalist, jumping and squaring up for a fight. After plucking up a bit of courage, I managed to usher it into the bathroom. With Jemma a nervous wreck, and me on the verge of needing new boxers, we devised a game plan.

I’d go in first, take the right hand side of the room with one flip-flop, Jemma following in behind to take the left side of the room with the other flip flop. OK, on the count of 3. One. Two. Thre….. flipping ‘eck, there’s another one right behind Jemma, just as big & just as nasty looking. Looking back, I think I would have been flying solo on the mission to kill the first spider, Jemma wouldn’t get off the bed, until of course the second one appeared. We both made the decision that we weren’t staying in that room again. Ever!

After packing in a hurry, and working our way through the dark back to the now deserted bar, we pondered what the next move would be. After walking down the road a little, asking at various places how much a room would be for the night, some saying £75 which we were never going to pay, a kind Thai girl (a proper girl girl this was) offered to take us both on her moped down the road a little further to some more beach huts. This time, they were perfect, the image above is of the good hut. £2 a night more but 200 times more insect proof.

After such an epic night, we decided to take it easy and stay on the beach all morning, which is hard work when you don’t like sitting still, don’t like the heat and don’t like sun burn. Jemma was OK, she polished off a 450 page novel which she picked up the day before from the other beach hut in under 3 days.

After treating ourselves to a meal in a fancy restaurant on the beach (we say fancy, it still only cost about £10 for both meals and deserts and to be fair, Jemma deserved it with not being able to drink because of antibiotics), another night was then spent in our new beach hut, which brought us up to yesterday (Wednesday) morning, before catching a boat back to the main land.

After 4 hours or so on a catamaran, we landed in Champorn where we planned to get the cheapest lift up the country for some more sightseeing. However, things going like they’ve gone already on this trip, we couldn’t get neither a bus or train up to where we wanted. Faced with the prospect of staying over night in the station and waiting for something or getting a train back up to Bangkok, we chose Bangkok, which is where we are now.

Ko Samui, with all it’s stress and spiders was actually pretty good. It’s a lovely place, pretty cheap and there’s plenty to do which we decided not to. We’re both a slightly darker shade of white and much more relaxed, ready for the excitement of the next couple of weeks which include 2 border crossings and lots of cheap, long distant bus rides.

2 thoughts on “3 Days of Nothingness & Spiders

  1. Nice phopto`s hope your both well, ( Jemma still; on the anti`s ) Did I tell you I`ve made a folder, it contains the main picture and event, of the different places you have been, its in the Swan, for those with no computer. luck and love Tom and Marg.

  2. Hi jem and john aunty ali and uncle al here,
    I know we shouldnt gigle but the spider story made us laugh, we could picture it in our heads. keep having a great and look after yourselfs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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