We are writing this blog from our own beach hut on an island in South Thailand called Koh Samui. We can see the beach as we step out of our front door, it really doesn’t get better than this for £8 a night for the two of us!

Anyway back to the blog, we left Bangkok on an overnight bus which linked us to a ferry, to a small Island called Ko Tao. If you ever visit Thailand you will realize that when you make travel arrangements they are never as you greed; normally one bus and a ferry means two buses, a man and his pick up and then a ferry or as we discovered today one ferry means at least two. But you get where you want to go in the end so no matter.

We arrived in Ko Tao and found our accommodation, Ko Tao Back Packers Hostel. Lovely little concrete block with hot showers which was a bonus, the only thing wrong with this hostel is that the shared toilets and showers were wall to wall covered in ants, midgies… etc… so showers were had very quickly and the toilet was for emergencies only! We strolled down the road to have a look around when we got there and disappointingly found no beach, apparently when the tide is high the sand gets completely covered. Our hostel had a pool linked to a diving school that we could use, so off we went to sunbathe at last.

We met a lovely couple at the pool who invited us to go with them to their favorite bar to watch the sunset; they had been there for two years so knew the Island well. At the bar, the decking went right up to the beach (or water in our case), we sat on huge bean bags on the decking and saw the most beautiful sunset while drinking Mojito’s. Thinking an early night would do us good we headed back to the hostel to find our room mates getting ready for a night out, we tagged along and met another lovely couple from Canada, no doubt we will be catching up with them when we get to Canada. We had such a good night. First they took us to watch a fire show, all the bars link to the beach and along the beach people perform all kinds of tricks with fire.

Next stop a cool little place called The Queens Cabaret. Lady boys everywhere and they looked amazing, I was so jealous of these girls (?????) figures. As well all sang & danced along, John got pulled up on stage to perform with the girls (after I nominated him for it), they took him back stage, stripped him down and dressed him up (well, the best they could, he’s never gonna be the prettiest lady boy). Hilarious night.

Next day with sore heads, we had a boat trip around the island booked. Ko Tao is famous for its dive sites and almost everyone there goes to dive, but for those not confident enough to try diving, they have snorkeling tours. Our first stop was Shark Bay, if you know me, you will know that I’m extremely scared of the sea and sharks so the thought of jumping into this water petrified me to the point were I was shaking like a leaf on the edge of the boat (John cant swim either so this was the tour to conquer our fears).

Luckily a nice Swedish girl got back on the boat and said we will do it together on the count of 3. So I did and fell in love with snorkling. The only thing at Shark Bay really was sharks and we stayed quite close to the boat so didn’t see any but lots of people in the water with us did, there were quite a few about. After that stop there was no stopping us, we strayed further from the boat each time swimming with the most beautiful fish (I saw a Nemo) and the coral was just as pretty.

Our last stop was Ko Nang Yuan, three Islands linked together by a rift of sand. The photos on Flickr will say it all, it’s classed as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. After an amazing day we headed home noticing that the bite on my ankle, which had been pussing for a few days, had now made my whole foot swollen and it was going a bit blue. Tip for you, the chemists have no clue what there talking about, a guy gave me sunburn cream. So if your in trouble skip the chemist and opt straight for the clinic. The doctor was lovely. I had it all cleaned up, bandaged up and now I’m on antibiotics. Which means I can’t swim or drink for a week :-(

Nevermind, this morning we caught two ferries to where we are now, Koh Samui. Found an amazing place to stay at a good price and are going to relax here for a bit. Ko Tao was an amazing little Island to visit, even with bad bites and bad showers I’d go back.

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