Some Sunshine At Last!

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Day 18 of our adventure, all is going well so far and we’ve reached the hot places. We landed in Bangkok two days ago and made our way to Ko San Road; our trusty guide book informed us that this is the place to find lots of Hostels. It took us an hour and a half to get there from the airport on an airport express bus, which was cheap clean and had a/c so we cant complain. The only thing with these buses is they never run on time, the drivers are very laid back and normally wait for the bus to fill up a bit before making the journey.

Once we got to Ko San Road we were hit with madness, the road is filled with bars, hostels, shops, street food and tuk tuks. You cant make it from one end to the other without being asked to by a wooden frog, a massage or tickets to a ping pong show. We visited nearly every hostel on the road to be told ‘no sorry were full’ by everyone!

At this point we had spent a full day traveling were hot (yes now I’m whinging about the heat rather than the cold) and carrying our very heavy backpacks, we finally found one with a room and a cold shower which wasn’t the best looking hostel but we didn’t care. Cold shower and backpacks down we hit the bars in Ko San Road.

The next day we woke up early and the first thing we did was find a much nicer, cleaner hostel just off Ko San Road. Found a Tuk Tuk to take us to the train station to book some tickets to the South of Thailand and got the ride free because he dropped us at his mates tour service shop! The price was good so we booked an overnight bus to the South of Thailand which included a boat crossing to a small Island called Ko Tao. That’s where were going tonight.

Next it was time to tick some… ye you guessed it… Temples off our to do list. We found the temple housing the Golden Buddha quite quickly. The Buddha was made in the thirteenth century and cased in some other metal for several hundred years, until it was chipped and the Thai’s realized there was solid gold underneath, $140 million worth! Pretty impressive.

We tried to get a tuk tuk to the next Temple, home to a reclining Buddha (got a feeling we are going to see an awful lot of Buddhas) but all the tuk tuk drivers wanted to take us on a hourly tour around shops and restaurants etc.. so fed up of arguing with them we decided to walk and 2 hours (just a short stroll in the heat!) later we found the temple, which was huge and very pretty, well worth the walk. But we paid over the odds to get back to our hostel via taxi because I was too tired to walk.

Quick freshen up and last night was spent on Ko San Road again, the football was on at 3am and John hasn’t seen a Man United match on our trip yet, so the plan was to stay up for the game. First though some foot therapy; for around a fiver both of us could have fifteen minutes worth of fish eating joy. We put our feet into a huge tank full of fish and they nibble at your dead skin. Feels horrible at first but after flinching and disturbing the fish a few times we got used to it. A Canadian was sharing our tank and for some reason hogged all the fish, you couldn’t see his feet, while about 6 fish were nibbling at mine!

He had already been to some of the countries were planning to visit so we hit him with plenty of questions and as he was traveling on his own we spent the whole night chatting in bars. Before we knew it it was 3am and kick off was about to start, I slept through the first half and John felt a bit bad for keeping me out so we left our friend to watch the second half on his own and went to bed. I think I’m getting too old to stay out past 4am (poor form!). Man United won though, John found out this morning so he didn’t mind missing the second half too much.

That’s us up to date so far, going to do a bit more sight seeing today, another Temple and a Palace before we catch our overnight bus. We haven’t touched the surface of Bangkok yet but were back here in March to visit the floating markets etc…. We’re just in need of chill out time near a beach after being in cities for the whole trip so far, some nice scenery is due.

One thought on “Some Sunshine At Last!

  1. I thought the website above looked perfect for you lovelies, perfect beach hut.
    Sabai dee mai ?(if you don’t know what it means, you should!)

    I could go on for ever about all things Thai, but just have a blast.

    And Singha and Chang give me a terrible headache

    Love Gabs


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