First Time Travellers: Pick a Destination

Travel plans can often become delayed because we don’t have the funds. Other potential travellers have personal obstacles thrown in their way. However, one of the most under-considered factors for not travelling though, is having no clue where to go.

There are plenty of things you have to take into consideration when you pick a destination. If you have never travelled abroad for example, it can be incredibly daunting. Forget any concerns you have for a moment, and consider your options. You can stay at home, play PartyPoker and watch another rerun of Friends on the TV, or you can experience another country first hand. Which is what we did.

Things to Consider When Choosing Where To Go


For the first time traveller, you need to consider the language spoken. Communication is so difficult in a foreign country, that you need to be prepared for the inevitable miscommunication. Is it worth you going to a country that speaks a language you have no knowledge of on your first outing? Or should you travel to a country that speaks your first language?


The distance you intend to travel should influence the length of your trip. If it is a mini-break for example, it isn’t worth travelling from London to Australia, because you miss 24 hours each way. Or perhaps the destination is in an awkward spot that needs several different modes of transport to get there. Consider what will be easier for you.


On your first trip away, it might be a good idea to choose a country that doesn’t have a particularly different climate to the one you are used to. If all you know is the mild UK weather for example, it wouldn’t be wise to go to Africa or Iceland on your first trip. Perhaps the second trip. Ease your way in. We didn’t do this and had a quite the shock when it was minus 15 in Beijing stepping off the plane. Brrrrrrrrrrr

Above all else, choose a place you have a connection with. You’ll get the best out of the experience that way.

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