San Francisco, So Much To See & Do

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After our few days experiencing the lights and madness of Vegas it was time to hit the hilly city of San Francisco. Unable to check in we quickly dumped our bags at our hostel and headed out to explore.

We ended up on the piers of San Francisco, there are about 50 of them, most for commercial use and not much to report but there was a farmers Market on one with all kinds of expensive cheeses, chocolates etc… Far too posh for us travelers but it was a cool place, with coffee bars and restaurants over looking the sea.

Sea Lions of Pier 39

Pier 39 is were it’s all happening, there’s plenty of tourist shops, restaurants and you get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. If your lucky you might catch a glimpse of the Sea Lions which visit the pier every so often. We saw about a dozen basking in the sun which was pretty impressive.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

It’s gotta be done whilst in America so we visited Bubba Shrimp for some tasty seafood and Forest Gump trivia. My mumma used to say…The food was really good and we were sat overlooking Alcatraz, how romantic!

A short walk away from the pier is the famous steepest street and the streets from all the films with trams running from end to end. As you can imagine its a massive tourist trap (spoken like a true traveler) so the queue for the trams was very long, we’d not slept much on the bus and had been walking all day so I must admit I spat out my dummy and refused to wait for a stupid tram, so we hopped on a bus back to the hostel for a few cheeky drinks in the room.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

We had to move hostels the next day as ours was full, that’s one thing with traveling in America hostels get full pretty far in advance so where you can it’s handy to book as soon as possible. But it was no hassle moving and the one we moved to was closer to town.

The day was spent visiting the huge Golden Gate Bridge, which was impressive and we were lucky enough to see some Sea Lions playing in the water below us. It’s true what they say though San Francisco is very windy, the bridge being the place you feel it most. Your able to walk over it and get another view of Alcatraz, it was a foggy day and looked like the top of the bridge disappeared into the sky, do be careful though those cyclists think they own the place.

San Francisco Street Food

Off The Grid Food Trucks

Next stop was to visit the truck stop, which is a car park that fills with food trucks every night. They park in a big circle and tables and chairs are placed in the middle along with a beer tent and locals and tourists alike visit to sample the wide variety of food on offer from countries all over the world like the Nepal, Vietnam and Greece. I had the most amazing cup cake, vanilla flavor yummy! Whilst John sampled the beer. Typical.

San Fran is a cool city, but be warned a lot of crazy people live there we had a right laugh watching two people fight over rubbish and a preacher try and calm them both down! The only thing we missed was probably the main attraction, Alcatraz. In the summer it gets very busy so you need to book in advance, so we missed out but its an excuse to visit again, we may even wait for a tram next time.

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  1. Ha ha, yup, absolutely full of crazy people!! The best was the guy who woke us up at 5am having a fight outside the hotel with a paper bag. Or the woman walking down the street yelping like an electrocuted dog. Or the beggar who asked a beggar for some change. Or the….

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