Hue, A Quick Afternoon Stop Over

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The bus from Hoi An brought us up to Hue late morning. We had a connecting bus through to Hanoi early evening. With only an afternoon in Hue, we decided to grab some lunch, get a cyclo over to the Citadel, walk around there for a bit then come back to the center for more food and the bus back. Simples!

Hue was the imperial capital of Vietnam many years ago before Hanoi, and at it’s heart, on the banks of the Perfume River lies the Citadel, a giant walled compound with at it’s heart somewhere for the emperor & friends to live. The Citadel reminded us a lot of the Forbidden City in Beijing; it certainly was grand, took a few hours to walk around and was very impressive with the buildings that still remain. The detail that went in to the buildings was as ever in this part of the world, outstanding.

Unfortunately, despite the on going restoration projects, there’s a large number of buildings which no longer remain, although there’s plenty that still do for you to build up a good picture of the greatness that once existed. Plus, the DVD we sat and watched for 20 minutes with CGI reconstructions helped a lot too.

After a few hours walking, plenty of photographs and the obligatory ice cream for Jem, we set back to the main town on the back of a motorbike to a bar with good internet service &  food.

A few Imodium later, plenty of crackers and water we got on the bus, which turned out not to have a loo and meant the next 10 hours would possibly be the worst ten hours of the entire trip for me. Like a trooper I battled through it, we arrived in Hanoi, neither of us with much sleep but full of enthusiasm for Vietnam’s capital.

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